Legal services

Preparation and analysis of documents

We prepare drafts of the legal documents that you need, such as contracts, petitions or responses to actions, in a manner that makes them clear and precise. Prior to that, we carry out a consultation in our office to gain maximum understanding of your objectives and interests, so that they can be reflected in the document in the manner that is the best for you. We also help you have the legal documents prepared by us certified by a notary, order the services of sworn translators, etc.

At your request, we can also analyse the contracts or draft contracts given to you by your partners or employers, court rulings that are important for you, or any other legal documents. We study the document's content and form, type, validity, possible legal shortcomings and all other important circumstances. As a result of the legal analysis, we give you a detailed verbal and/or written overview of all rights and risks that the given document entails for you.

Legal consultation

We listen to your description of the legal problem that worries you and identify the options of resolving it, which are based on valid legal standards and subsequently provide the quick and most suitable solution for you. We advise you on how to best conduct yourself in any situation, and draft your positions and the necessary documents correctly and in a timely manner. For example, a correctly prepared pre-trial claim to the other party is a clear sign that you are consistent and precise in your positions, ready to go to court to protect your rights, and win!

On the other hand, someone may file a claim or complaint against you only in the hope that a document of this kind might scare you and it would never occur to you that a claim like this is not legal or not correctly prepared in the light of law. Various circumstances that may go unnoticed at first may be in your favour if you know how to find them and take advantage of them. In the course of a consultation we give you practical advice that is based on current legislation, and we also consider EU legislation and practices of the Supreme Court.

Representation in court

It may happen that someone sues you, which means that you have to protect your rights in court. A similar situation emerges when your contractual partner, co-owner or employer does not accept your positions even when you're right according to law. This is the time when you should go to court to let the state help you get the result you need.

Waldrand has a lot of experience in representing clients in court, and we can be proud of the results we have achieved so far. We have represented clients in civil disputes as well as administrative and criminal cases. In many cases we have managed to resolve a legal dispute that had already been referred to court by a mutual agreement between the parties. As a rule, you as a client of our firm don't even have to appear in court, especially if the dispute is a complicated one, as we will be there looking after your interests.

We prepare all procedural documents necessary in court, attend court sessions as your authorised representative, collect necessary evidence and communicate with the court and the other party in a timely manner. Ignoring a statement of claim is not a reasonable course of action, because it may lead to a judgement by default without you having the chance to say anything in your defence. Litigation and its consequences must be taken very seriously. As your representative in court, we give you a detailed overview of the course of proceedings, the conduct of the other party and its likely reasons, and also of the possible ruling in the case. We use all legal remedies to protect your interests and rights in court.