Registration of Estonian Domain Names 

I Why should you register an Estonian domain name (.ee)?

The top level domain of Estonia in the Internet is .ee, which in 2010 became accessible to all private persons and legal entities in the world.

Registering your business name, trademark or product name as a .ee domain gives you the following opportunities:

a) You can open your e-mail address or website in the language and cultural environment of Estonia; and
b) You can demonstrate the geographic presence of your company to your numerous local clients in Estonia.

At least 70% of people living in Estonia use the Internet every day. Studies have shown that local Internet shoppers have more confidence in a website with a local country code domain than a .com one.

A .ee domain name gives your clients in Estonia, including potential ones, the reassurance that you are prepared to consider their interests, which increases trust in your products and services. This in its turn helps you sell your goods more successfully.

Owning a .ee domain name also gives you these opportunities:
c) You increase traffic on your main website by redirecting the .ee domain;
d) You will be represented with more results in search engines (Google, Bing, etc.);
e) You can protect your trademark and business name from bad faith registration attempts by persons who want to use your company's reputation to increase their revenue (so-called defensive registration); and
f) You can capture common misspellings of your present domain names.

II How can a .ee domain name be obtained?

It is easy!

1. Check here whether the domain name that interests you is still available under .ee.
2. Download the pre-populated draft Power of Attorney prepared by us from here1.
3. Add your details and information about the domain(s) to the text of the Power of attorney (marked in yellow)2.
4. Print out the completed Power of Attorney. Add your handwritten name and signature.
5. Scan in the signed Power of Attorney in PDF format and send it to us using the order form here.
6. Pay the invoice for the registration services that is e-mailed to you by bank transfer or PayPal.

III Price and domain renewal

The price of registering one (1) .ee domain for a year is generally sixty nine (69) euros. This price includes all fees, incl. those payable to the .ee Register, the Registrar, and the fee for the Local Presence Service. We have provided the .ee Local Presence Service since the first day when global registration of .ee domains became possible and the feedback we have received from our clients suggests that the price is one of the lowest charged for a .ee domain including the fee for Local Presence/Administrative Contact Service via the Internet today.

Please note: If you would like to register 4 (four) or more .ee domains at the same time, i.e. with the same Power of Attorney, we will always make you a personal offer for a special price. Send an e-mail to and inform us about the number of .ee domains you need.

The initial registration of a .ee domain is valid for one (1) year, i.e. 12 months from the official domain registration date. You can renew a domain an unlimited number of times (within three (3) months before the expiry date noted in WHOIS). We will remind you of the impending expiry of your .ee domain and the renewal option by e-mail.

IV Quick registration

As a rule, your domain will become available on the Internet on the same day that we receive your payment for the domain. This quick result is guaranteed by the good cooperation between our company and several .ee Registrars accredited by the Register ( Registration of a .ee domain by unaccredited Registrars would take up to one month.

V Reliable service

We are very pleased that many multinational corporations have used our Local Presence Services to register their trademarks as .ee domains. Domains like,,,, and many others have been using our contact persons for many years. We offer these services to you as well. Get in touch with us!

Kind regards,
Tõnu Metsäär, Partner


1 Registering domains in many countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, and also the .eu domain of the European Union, is only possible if the domain has a clear connection with the relevant country (the so-called Local Presence Rule). The official rules for registering .ee domain names established in the Republic of Estonia also stipulate that the administrative contact of a top level domain of the Republic of Estonia must be a private person who resides in Estonia or has an Estonian ID code. Authorising us to be the representative of your domains in Estonia with a Power of Attorney means that this requirement has been met – the contact person of your domain is Executive Partner Tõnu Metsäär, LLM.

2 A domain is registered in your or your company's name exactly according to the information given in the Power of Attorney. You can choose any two name servers to service your .ee domains. You can include several domains necessary for you in the same Power of Attorney. If you have any questions about the execution of this Power of Attorney, e-mail them to or contact us on Skype (username: tonume). You can also send us any other questions you may have about the registration of .ee domains.