Toomas Kuik, CEO
It has been a pleasure for AS Esmar Ehitus to cooperate with Waldrand Law, as they have always immediately helped us with legal opinions and given us legal assistance in resolving our problems, especially in association with public procurements. I have recommended the services of Waldrand Law to other companies operating in the same sector as us.
Oleg Shvaikovski, Strategic Development Centre of Elion Ettevõtted AS, director
We are very happy with the services provided by Tõnu Metsäär – his professional approach has brought us success and our cooperation has always gone well.
Arvi Liivik, ESPAK, Board Member
Our cooperation with Waldrand Law has been constructive and successful.
Rein Elevant, Citypark Eesti OÜ, Board Member
Citypark Eesti OÜ buys legal assistance services from Waldrand Law. As a client of theirs, we can confirm that the legal assistance we have received has been very professional, and Waldrand Law always studies the client's problems very thoroughly. The legal assistance provided has exceeded our expectations, which is always very pleasing. Waldrand Law is also a very dependable partner for its clients. They have stuck to all agreements, no matter whether they were made verbally or in writing. I also find Tõnu Metsäär a pleasant conversation partner who is knowledgeable in a wide range of legal issues. I recommend the services of Waldrand Law to everyone who wants their problems to be solved for good.
Tõnis Kulm, AS MicroLink Eesti, Head of Sales Department
I have used the services of Waldrand Law in relation to various ownership disputes as well as the preparation/negotiations concerning purchase and sale contracts. Tõnu has always been a good partner whose straightforward, clear and determined legal and business 'inputs' have been extremely valuable in building successful long-term cooperation with our partners.
Jens Meyer , - Die Domainmanager Ingenit GmbH & Co. KG, Dortmund offers international domain management for major businesses worldwide. For all matters regarding domains in Estland (.ee - trustee services, legal matters) we are cooperating with "Waldrand Law" since several years. We - and our customers - are very satisfied with this cooperation and their prompt and competent services!
Marko Err, EL Konsult OÜ, Executive Partner
EL Konsult and Waldrand Law have been cooperating for eight years. The services that Waldrand Law has provided to us over these years have been fast, professional and reliable. We hope that our cooperation will continue in the future.
Risto Rosimannus , Wide Media OÜ, Board Member
Our cooperation with Waldrand Law has always gone very well. They react fast, and give us feedback that is clear and to the point. We have always found solutions to our legal problems without any complications. I am happy to recommend them!
Marco Hoffmann, Bereichsleiter InterNetX GmbH, Regensburg
We've been on the search for a reliable partner in Estonia. We appreciate the reliability, accuracy and speed with which our requests are processed by Waldrand Law.
Piret Prinzmann, Online Raamatupidamine OÜ, Board Member
Working with Waldrand Law has been a great experience for us. Tõnu Metsäär has always been very helpful, punctual and fast – he has always accommodated us when we've quickly needed a contract of some kind. He is also highly competent: we always discuss the purpose of a contract or document, and the final contract is prepared accordingly. Thank you for being a great partner!
Ivo Rebane, Guru Projekt OÜ, Architect, Board Member
My contacts with Tõnu Metsäär have been pleasant and successful. Emotional and unpleasant litigation has taught me that you and your counsel have to form a strong team once you decide to go to court. Lawyers always have limited knowledge of the facts of the case, and the people they defend lack the legal knowledge.
Rain Berezin, Pafer AS, Board Member
Our cooperation with Tõnu Metsäär started in the previous century, which means that we have been partners for more than ten years. The legal assistance we have received over this time in the preparation of contracts, administrative proceedings and other problems has always been highly professional. I recommend the services and legal assistance provided by Waldrand Law to everyone who needs help.
Markku Lahtinen, OPV-automaatti Oy
Olen käyttänyt Waldrand Law`ta aina kun olen tarvinnut laki neuvontaa Eestissä, voin suositella koska palvelua saa suomen kielellä ja hinnat ovat kohtuulliset.