CV-Tõnu Metsäär

Personal details

Name: Tõnu Metsäär
Date of birth: 10 August 1971, Kuressaare
Education: Academic (LL.M)

Brief introduction

Extensive experience in working as a lawyer in the private and public sectors, representing clients in court, and legislative drafting. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Foreign languages: verbal and written English, Finnish and Russian. Open to ideas, punctual, appreciates good humour.

Secondary education

Kuressaare Secondary School No. 2 (1986–1989)

Vocational School

Tallinn School of Economics (1989–1991), lawyer specialised in economics

Higher education

University of Tartu (1997–2004), Law

Examples of job experience

Waldrand Law Firm - Executive Partner (since 1996)
Government Department of Communication
in Government Office - Legal Counsellor
State Infocommunication Foundation - Legal Director
Tallinn City Court - Lay Magistrate

Examples of draft legislation and documents prepared as part of professional activity

State Secrets Act Amendment Act - drafts from 2002 and 2003
.ee Domain Rules of Estonia - drafts from 2005, and 2009–2010

Membership in organisations

Estonian Academic Society of Law - full member
Estonian Association of Lawyers - full member
Council of University of Tartu Alumni - member