Waldrand APP



There are situations in life when you need to consult a lawyer quickly – you may be about to sign an important contract or become involved in litigation; a neighbour may cause you trouble or your rights may be violated by an official. Often, there is no lawyer at hand, which means that you have to start analysing your situation and legal options yourself, make the correct decision, respond to documents, etc. It's not easy.

Those who use the Waldrand app will not have this problem anymore. Download Waldrand on your smartphone and you will always have a lawyer at hand! You can download the app free.

Waldrand offers the chance to obtain quick legal assistance from a qualified lawyer 24 hours a day. All you have to do is press the red button displayed on the screen, and you no longer have to spend time on looking for legal assistance, and calling or e-mailing different law firms.

How to use the app

Press the red button displayed by the smartphone app. This will send the number of the SIM card in your phone to Waldrand Law Firm, which has been operating successfully in Tallinn for more than 15 years. Our lawyer will then call you back, ask you about your problem and offer their assistance.

We guarantee that we will first contact you within 30 minutes after we receive your message.*

The first exchange of information on the phone is free.

If necessary, you can come to Waldrand Law Firm for an additional consultation.

Our lawyers are experienced professionals with degrees from the University of Tartu.

* It may take us longer to contact you in exceptional cases caused by force majeure circumstances that we cannot control, such as power cuts, disruptions in the work of IT and communications systems, etc.